Who we are


To be recognized as the country’s leading airline in quality and services, implement responsible and customer-oriented management, and connect Paraguay with the world.

Mission Statement

We create a travel experience marked by warmth and transparency. We promote tourism and national and international integration. We transport our most valuable assets – people – in a responsible and timely manner. We provide quality services to all destinations.



In all our various roles and departments, we are highly committed to our work; this creates an effective and appropriate working environment, with perseverance being the key factor in reaching the goals and objectives before us.


Quality is another factor that motivates us to focus our functions on excellence.


We seek to provide reliable and timely information, choosing communication strategies that are appropriate to each situation.


As ethical and consistent individuals, we accomplish our tasks with the highest level of responsibility, with a focus on unfailing provision of safe and proper service.


The services we provide are characterized by a level of human warmth that is reflected in empathy, kindness and willingness to work together. We are proud to make everyone feel that they are in a warm, friendly environment.


We understand that the most precious resource is time, so we focus our activities and efforts on creating a culture in which we are known for our punctuality.