Pet Transport Service

Pet in Cabin

To transport your pet in the cabin it must travel in an appropriate carrier bag or cage during the entire flight. Maximum container measurements are: 40 cm in length x 30 cm in width and 20 cm in height

The Company will only allow one (1) animal per passenger, and only a total of two (2) animals will be allowed for each flight.

The pet should weigh up to 8 kg including pet carrier and must only contain a dog or a cat with a minimum of 9 weeks (3 months) of life.

To make the reservation of this service, and find out about the required documentation, fares, and the Company´s policies regarding pet transportation, you must contact our Call Center or send an email to 

Note: The transportation of a pet in the cabin or in hold is not accepted if the passenger´s itinerary includes interline segments or a connection on an airline other than Paranair.

Pet in Hold

The transport of pets in the hold of the aircraft will be allowed as long as the container for this purpose is suitable according to the size and weight of the animal.

For your pet to be transported in the hold of the aircraft, the carrier or container should meet the following requirements:

  • It must be comfortable for the size of the animal, enabling it to stand, sit, lie down, and turn around comfortably.
  • The container must be made of a solid resistant material, that guarantees its integrity and not getting damaged or broken during the transport of the animal. It must also allow a fixed container for water and feeding of the animal to be accommodated.
  • It must contain ventilation holes of appropriate size which should allow a clear view of the animal´s condition, but without allowing it to expose any limb or any other part outside the container.
  • The door must have a secure locking system to ensure that it remains closed at all times (It is not allowed to secure the cage with wires, padlocks, or packing tape).
  • The container must not have surfaces which can be damaged by the animal biting or clawing from the inside. The corners of the container must be rounded and smooth.
  • The floor of the container must be adequate to protect the animal from heat or cold, as well as it must be protected with absorbent materials (NON-TOXIC) for the retention of liquids and solids during transport.

Maximum container measurements for the acceptance of animals to be transported in the hold of the aircraft:

Medium size container Type 1: 65 cm in length x 48 cm in width and 48 cm in height

Medium size container Type 2: 80 cm in length x 54 cm in width and 54 cm in height

The maximum weight accepted (container + animal) for the transport of live animals (AVIH) is 40 kg, as long as the container is adequate and resistant for the mentioned weight.

Note: The Company does NOT provide the container for the transport of live animals. Therefore, it must be provided by the same passenger who requires this type of service. In the event that the container intended to transport the animal does not comply with the aforementioned characteristics, the airport staff may reject the requested service.

To make the reservation of this service, and find out about the required documentation, fares and the Company´s policies regarding pet transportation, you must contact our Call Center or send an email to

Emotional Support Pet Transportation

Acceptance of service animals (Emotional Support)

Emotional support dogs are pets that help their owners overcome emotional or psychological problems, such as, phobias, stress, depression, among others.

These dogs provide essential support to guarantee the physical and emotional well-being of the person they accompany.

A guide dog or emotional support dog must be in the airplane cabin, next to its owner and sit on his feet.

PARANAIR transports dogs as service and emotional support animals onboard the aircraft under the following conditions:

  • Service and emotional support dogs are accepted in all our routes.
  • You can only travel with one (1) emotional support animal, who must be at least 3 months old.
  • The dog must travel at your feet, under the front seat, without obstructing aisles. It can ride on the passenger’s lap if it is small as an infant.
  • If the emotional support pet exceeds 30kg or if its size exceeds the aforementioned limits, the animal may be transported in the aircraft’s hold, at no additional cost (as long as it is suitable for traveling in the aircraft’s hold).
  • The passenger may choose to pay for an extra seat.
  • The dog must be clean, healthy and have good behavior (signs of bad behavior can generate boarding denial)
  • Feeding is not allowed on board and due to regulations of the aeronautical authority, the leash (harness) must be worn onboard the aircraft.
  • PARANAIR requires that the dog have a muzzle during boarding, takeoff, landing and disembarkation, and recommends its use throughout the flight.
  • When the flight is not full, we will try to leave adjacent seats free.
  • Assignment in emergency exits (Rows 1 and 8), and seats adjacent to the access of crews’ emergency equipment, is prohibited.
  • They must be allocated on the side of window seats (A and F)
  • We will try to avoid placing them near any PETC on board.
  • The passenger is responsible for the care, well-being, and behavior of the pet throughout the flight.
  • The Terms and Conditions for Transportation of Service and Emotional Support Animals form must be completed.
  • It is the passenger’s responsibility for any physical damage or harm that the emotional support dog may cause to third parties during the trip, whether to PARANAIR and/or airport facilities, as well as on board the aircraft. If the dog relieves itself on board, at the airport, or at any area not assigned to relieve itself, the passenger who owns the animal is responsible for cleaning.

The acceptance requirements, in terms of documentation, disclaimer of liability by PARANAIR, container (in case of transport in the hold of the aircraft), etc., will be the same as for the rest of the domestic animals subject to payment, however, in addition to these requirements, you must have:


The certificate must detail the emotional dependance of the passenger on the pet, specifying the diagnosis or treatment followed by the passenger, and indicating the need to travel with their animal in a condition of emotional support.


  • The space of the emotional support pet must be duly registered within the reservation of the passenger it accompanies.


The Company does not accept the transport of the following breeds of dogs as they are considered dangerous:

  • Bull Mastiff or Bull Terrier
  • Dogue De Dordeaux
  • Argentine Dogo
  • Brazilian Mastiff
  • Akita Inu
  • Neapolitan mastiff
  • Tosa Inu
  • English Mastiff
  • American Staffordshire Terrier
  • Rottweiler
  • Presa Canario
  • Pitbull

The Company does not accept the transport of brachycephalic breeds of dogs and cats, which are described below; nor any other breed with the same condition:




Boston Terrier



Cane corso

Carlino (Pug)

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel


Chow Chow

Dogo de Burdeos

Grifón de Bruselas





Pinscher miniature

Pit bull

Presa Canario

San Bernardo

Shar Pei


Spaniel inglés enano

Spaniel japonés o chin

Spaniel tibetano

Yorkshire terrier



Exótico de pelo corto


To make the reservation of this service, and find out about the required documentation, fares and the Company´s policies regarding pet transportation, you must contact our Call Center or send an email to